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Solid color cap T Brush cap T [T153]

Solid color cap T Brush cap T [T153]

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The fit is one size too small, the material is warm and slightly elastic

***Model fitting report***

168/57kg, fits size M, bust 88CM

Key points for size selection

☆The measurement method is to lay the clothes flat and then use a cloth ruler to directly measure the straight-line distance, all in centimeters. (The error value of ±2 cm is within the normal range)

☆Because everyone has a different body shape, even the same height and weight will appear differently when worn in the same size. Therefore, before purchasing, measure the same type of clothing that you usually wear, and then refer to the size chart, which is the most accurate.

☆The size indication on tops is mainly based on bust. If the bust data is correct, it will definitely fit.

☆ Most of the clothes in the store are Korean version. It is recommended to go up one size when wearing the Taiwanese version. M, L, and XL are just codes and have no data meaning. For example, the American version of M is very different from the Korean and Japanese versions of M. big.

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