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Anti-peep film screen anti-peep film anti-peeping film anti-peeping privacy protection 13 inches 14 inches 15 inches 18 inches 19.5 inches 21.5 inches 24 inches

Anti-peep film screen anti-peep film anti-peeping film anti-peeping privacy protection 13 inches 14 inches 15 inches 18 inches 19.5 inches 21.5 inches 24 inches

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Anti-peep films and anti-peep sheets use the world's unique micro louver optical polarization principle technology, which allows users to read the computer screen from a 60-degree viewing angle from the front. It is basically impossible to see clearly what is on the screen outside the sides Data, protect business secrets and personal privacy rights, use the computer more freely, rely on unique technology, your computer can be fully protected!

feature of product:

1. Anti-peeping: Using physical optical polarization technology, the screen information is only visible to the person facing you, and the image is not blurred or distorted; others from the side of the screen can only see a very dark screen, protecting your confidential information and allowing you to You can use your computer freely and safely anywhere.

2. Anti-scratch: The surface is treated with super wear-resistant materials to protect the screen from being scratched or leaving fingerprints, stains, dust, etc.

3. Anti-glare, reflective, anti-radiation reflection: matte surface, improves screen contrast, reduces glare and reflection, reduces radiant warm reflection, making vision more comfortable and easier.

4. Simple installation: frameless plug-in design, easy to install and remove, the computer can be closed freely, and the matte and shiny surfaces can be freely replaced according to personal preference.

5. All materials are imported from high quality and are widely used in various fields, such as offices, public places, business travel, etc.

To ensure that the privacy protection film can fit your computer screen, please first measure the length and width of the viewable area of ​​your screen

(Please do not measure the screen frame into the measurement), and then refer to the following size chart to choose the closest or slightly smaller size privacy film.

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